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Children’s Elsa Long Party Dress


1.Material: Polyester 2.Suitable for age :3-8Y 3.This Elsa party long dress is made of high-quality polyester fabric, making the entire skirt feel soft and comfortable. Whether in daily wear or special occasions, it can bring great comfort to children.This dress is an irresistible fashion choice. It not only brings comfort to children, but also fills […]

Halloween King’s Cloak


1.Material quality: Cloth 2.Size: 35.4in, 51.2in 3.This Halloween King’s Cloak comes in two sizes and can be worn by both children and adults. Wear this cape and pair it with a certain golden crown then you will create a perfect image of the king. Whether it’s at Halloween parties or costume parties, this cape can […]

Halloween Adult Black Half Face Lace Mask


1.Material quality: Dacron 2. This Halloween mask is in a half face style. There are many styles of masks, and most of them are based on animals. You can choose the style you like to purchase from them. You can wear this mask to various parties, especially Halloween parties and costume parties. In short, this […]

2024 Eagle Printed T-Shirt


1.2024 Eagle Printed T-Shirt. 2.Material: cotton 3.This t-shirt is new style with soft fabric. It is very comfortable to wear.  

The Addams Family Wednesday Waiter Cosplay Party Attire


1.Material: 65% Polyester 35% Viscose 2.This role-playing party maid dress, based on the character of Wednesday in the Adams family film, perfectly fits the image of Wednesday. You can interpret this character well by wearing it. This dress is finely crafted and of very high quality. In addition to birthday parties, you can also wear […]

Halloween Children’s Cape Lace up Cloak Three Piece Set


1.Fabric: Polyester fiber(polyester) 2.Content of main fabric components:90% 3.Closed Style:Lace up front 4.This halloween cape is approximately 75 cm, which is perfect for children to wear to parties.